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Wind farms

Energy and the Environment

“Towards a sustainable energy model”

We have associated technology to the energy resource to transform it into power and give life to it.

Guided by criteria of sustainability, we have proved the technical and economic feasibility of our new energy model.

Our strategy seeks an adequate balance between the growing demand of energy and the pressing need to protect the environment and the climate. Our projects are environmentally sustainable and make energy available and affordable while mitigating climate change.

We have designed and developed the biggest wind farm in Extremadura (Spain), which can supply the energy used by 40,000 homes in a year. We use clean, kinetic energy generated by airflows, thus turning it into useful energy for human activities.

We aim to facilitate the application of solar energy for industry and private and public organizations through the management and coordination of activities for their specific need. Our methodology allows the permanent evaluation of the client for the progressive development of the project. We carry out the evaluation of resources and techno-economic feasibility, the location and application of economic and fiscal incentives structures, the technical-economic-legal development of the project and finally, where appropriate, the Project Management of the execution and implementation of the self-generation solar plant adapted to the specific need of each client. We offer our experience providing all the necessary components to achieve the reduction or elimination of your electric bill, providing added value by demonstrating your ecological involvement and your commitment to the application of latest technologies.

We protect natural environmental resources by designing specific projects aimed at preserving the ecosystem, biodiversity and soil degradation, including coastal erosion. For instance, we worked with the World Bank in Croatia designing construction projects for the reforestation of its forests, which had been degraded by war.

We cannot give up on socioeconomic development but we can indeed ensure the sustainability of the environment as we progress forward.

Services - +

Technical studies and projects

Azierta provides a comprehensive service that fully addresses infrastructure projects.

  • Geotechnical studies
  • Planning studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Informative studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Basic projects and draft projects
  • Construction projects
  • Project supervision

Site supervision

Azierta is an engineering consultancy company that supervises infrastructure work adapting its services approach to the needs of each client.

  • Geotechnical consultancy
  • Instrumentation and sounding
  • Value engineering
  • Site supervision
  • Site management
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Health and Safety
  • Project Management