“On a good foundation you can raise a good building” Miguel de Cervantes

In Azierta we are experts in geotechnical studies for Geology and Geotechnics reports for civil work projects as well as in geotechnical control in the construction phase.

We collaborate with engineering and architecture companies, construction, foundations and industrial companies, real estate, as well as local, national and international public administrations.

Whatever your construction project is, trust Azierta for carrying out the geotechnical report. We have more than 40 years of experience in the drafting of Geology and Geotechnics chapters for roads or highways projects, railways or high speed rail, industrial or residential construction, waterworks and the environment.

Customer contact and coordination with the other participants in the project is what sets us apart, ensuring specific answers to the specific needs of each work: structures, tunnels, cuts and fills, slope stability in soil and rock, excavability, soil treatment, rock mass characterization, hydrology and hydrogeology, natural hazards, instrumentation and auscultation, etc. All of this, after adjusting the field and laboratory tests to the maximum, taking into account the type of terrain and predictable geotechnical problems, optimizing in the end the project budget.

But in Azierta, we do not stop in the project and our technical teams make geotechnical assistance during the construction phase, controlling earth-related works in the construction site (excavations, foundations, special treatments, etc.).

You can see some of our works in Projects