playa de marchamalo panorámica

Promenade at the beach of Marchamalo. Murcia (Spain)

“The Marchamalo promenade is a key component”

The area under study is at the beach of Marchamalo, in La Manga del Mar Menor, municipality of Cartagena in the province of Murcia.

The section starts at the southern end of Playa de Marchamalo, in a place known as Las Amoladeras. The area under study then continues north some 750 meters until reaching the existing promenade on the beach.

This is a heavily developed area, where there are buildings of up to 20 stories as well as single-family homes.

Azierta, a specialist in the restoration of beaches, designed a project for the construction of a promenade on the beach of Marchamalo.

The design will have favorable effects for both neighbors and citizens at large.

Technical characteristics

It combines effectiveness and functionality from an urban planning point of view, seeking integration and respect to the existing environment. The following objectives are aimed at:

  • Extending the existing promenade to the place known as Las Amoladeras.
  • Trying to restore the beach, adjusting the promenade as much as possible to the line as defined by Public Domain within the six-meter transit easement.
  • Integrating the promenade section and its construction materials with the environment.
  • Study and urban planning of the accesses to the promenade from the Gran Vía de la Manga.
  • Demolition, setting back and replacement of construction elements that affect the final layout of the promenade.