embalse de Itoiz compuerta

Itoiz Dam. Navarre (Spain)

“A unique opportunity to apply the most advanced, cutting edge sounding systems”

The Itoiz dam, which rises 122 m over its foundations and 111m over the riverbed, is the biggest reservoir in Navarre with a width at the crest of 525 m and a reservoir surface is 2700 acres.

Azierta was commissioned the partial instrumentation and sounding of the dam and working alongside the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation. It became a unique opportunity to research and gain a deeper understanding of the left bank of the Itoiz dam and use there the most advanced, cutting edge sounding systems in the market.

The greatest innovation was, on the one hand, the automated inclinometer systems and, on the hand, the monitoring of the potential displacements of the inclinometer heads by means of an automated topographic control system with high precision tachymeter.

Technical characteristics

Automation: by means of the installation of automated biaxial inclinometer probes mounted on three meter long bars with continuous reading.

Topographic survey: measurement of the reflection of the potential internal movements detected with the inclinometers on the surface of the bank. A high precision tachymeter located on the opposite bank takes measurements at configurable intervals on the prisms, yielding its locations with maximum accuracy and remote access to data.