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Stabilization of the Magdalena-Peligros Beaches System. Cantabria (Spain)

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“A comprehension technical approach to every aspect associated to beaches dynamics”

Over the last few years a number of problems have surfaced at the beaches of Magdalena and Peligros (Santander), and a number of areas with serious erosion problems and other areas with accumulation of sand were identified, which shows that the system is unbalanced.

Azierta as the firm responsible for the design of the Construction Project established the necessary works required for:

Restoring Magdalena beach to its normal condition so that it is accessible and safe for both locals and tourists.

The stabilization of the La Magdalena-Peligros beaches will be achieved with two breakwaters. One of the breakwaters will be located on the west under the sea level and starting from a small extension at the end of the promenade (where the parking lot is now, parallel to the beach) and it will prevent sand from being washed away from the beach and into the harbor area. The other breakwater will rise perpendicular to the beach (where the jetty is now) and will prevent the action of waves, which is what causes the erosion process in the first place.

Technical characteristics

The scope of the project includes a complex study of the steps required to achieve a stabilization of the Magdalena-Peligros beaches system.

The design of the construction project includes:

  • Promoting an adequate functionality in the different areas of the beach system in the project as regards their use (bathing, transit).
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of the works (landscape, sociocultural, habitats, etc.).
  • Ensuring the stability of the works proposed as regards both the sheltering works and sand discharges, minimizing maintenance expenses in the future.


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