Renovation and extension of the apron. Airport of Palma de Mallorca

“It improves the connections to the Island and the convenience and comfort for both passengers and companies” explained Aena

The operational shortcomings and drawbacks of the Airport of Palma de Mallorca have been solved with the completion of the aprons.

The purpose of this project is on the one hand the renovation of the area of Apron “A” between gates D and E and the corresponding access gates to the apron and on the other hand the extension of the existing apron from its West boundary.

The works under the project, with the participation of Azierta, are necessary as far as Apron “A” because the serious stress it has suffered with deterioration of a great number of slabs and the loss of the bearing capacity of its foundation soil; and in the case of the industrial premises, in order to meet the increase in the demand for this type of parking positions and services required by the companies operating in the airport.

Works were executed in the off-season to maintain the operational capacity of the airport of Majorca.

Technical characteristics


Renovation of Area A: Specifically, it has a surface of 155,758 m2, with a size of 220.98m x 705m. Works consisted in the demolition of the existing platform, the rehabilitation of the existing lower aggregate layer and the execution of a new pavement, which will be flexible for taxying lanes and rigid in the case of parking positions.
Renovation of the Industrial Area Platform: The size of the new platform will be approximately of 295 x 120m, with a total surface area of 35,400 m2. Furthermore, the facilities of the new platform will be analogous to those in the existing platform, including lighting towers, service ducts, treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated waters, compressed air, water and electric supply for aircrafts.



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