Main Inspections and Bridge Evaluations in the Spanish Network of Highways

“2,500 bridges were inspected with satisfactory level of safety.”

With the passing of time, the weather conditions and the action of man, brides gradually deteriorate. Therefore, a regular inspection of the critical elements of bridges is essential for both preventive and future maintenance.

Azierta was awarded inspection works which consisted in periodical checks that have resulted in the correction of small deficiencies. The number of bridges in the contract was 2,500.

Thanks to these evaluations the level of safety for their uses is satisfactory and the durability of these bridges is ensured.

Technical characteristics

Once inspected, quantification of damages to the bridge must be performed in an objective and systematic way. In other words, the condition of every element must be assessed. This is achieved thanks to the so-called “Condition Mark” of the element. The Condition Mark is a number between 0 and 5 that reflects the nature, degree and scope of the damage, the ability of the element to fulfil its purpose and how this damage negatively affects other elements.

The Main Inspection is a detailed visual inspection of all visible elements that make up the bridge.
It is conducted following these three consecutive phases:

  • Perimeter inspection of vertical faces of abutments and the lateral faces of the deck.
  • “Zig-zag” inspection under the deck.
  • Perimeter inspection of the upper section of the deck.

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