Extension of Line 1. Plaza de Castilla –Chamartín Transportation Hub Section. Madrid

“Aims at improving convenience and saving commuters time”

This project, in which Azierta worked, sought to create a great transportation hub next to Chamartín railway station in order to interconnect four Metro lines which will in turn be connected to the bus network in the future.

The connection of Plaza de Castilla Station with the Chamartin transportation hub by extending line 1 will mean that many commuters who reached the Charmartin transportation hub from Central Madrid by other means will be able to do so directly using Line 1 of Madrid Metro, which will save time and result in greater convenience for commuters.

It was built in record time, and will be make the interconnection of all 4 Metro lines easier. Two of them in the east-west direction and two in the north-south direction with RENFE’s network, benefiting 60,000 commuters.

Technical characteristics

Almost 4.8 km of tunnel have been built, of which over 2.5 correspond to line 4 and some 2.2. to line 1 as well as four new stations: Pinar de Chamartín, which will be an interchange for these two lines and the light rail and those of Hortaleza and Manoteras in the brown line and Bambú in the light blue line.


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