Intalaciones Planta de Tratamiento de Agua Potable

Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Ljubuski (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

“A great technological advance as it ensures permanent, quality filtering”

The Plant was designed to supply drinking water to the population of the municipality of Ljubuski, with a population of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. Waste water is collected directly from the river and is pumped up to a regulating reservoir with an 11-unit filtering system, where water treatment starts.

Azierta designed a filtering project with continuous washing filters. This represents a huge technological advance as it ensures a continuous quality and quantity of filtering with no interruption in the filtering process.

The project also includes the construction of a regulating reservoir with a capacity of 700 m3.

The process is controlled by a central computer which checks the values for every quality parameter in the control boards.

Technical characteristics

The treatment procedure will begin at the inlet water tank where data are collected for analysis. After adding a flocculant to the water, the filtering process continues and passes through the oxidation tanks, settling tanks and finally, before its distribution, water is chlorinated to a safe level for consumption.

The filtering process is based on a fluidized bed with two opposing flows: the water filtering flow is ascending while that of the filtering bed, which as a result of the effect of the continued washing effect becomes a descending flow. The result is a backwashing filtering.