Construction, Supply and Installation of a WWTP in the municipality of Zepce (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

“Azierta’s know-how translates into a facility that is simple and easy to maintain”

AZIERTA opened the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Zepce, Bosnia-Herzegovina on December 1st 2006. Its construction was financed through Spanish Development Aid Funds (known as FAD) allocated by the Spanish Government.

The opening ceremony was attended by Notables from both public and private institutions in representation of Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Project had a Budget of € 1,380,000, 85% of which corresponds to Spanish goods and services exported. This plant is the first of its kind in this municipality and will treat waste waters, thus improving the infrastructure of the region.

With this project, Azierta goes one step further in its goal of becoming a relevant player in the water treatment industry in the Balkan region.

Technical characteristics

The location of the water treatment plant is right on the Bosna River. The project was designed on the basis of the official data provided by the City Council and, of course, it factored in the potential rises in the level of the river. The waste water treatment plant uses a two-stage, biological active sludge treatment and was designed for a population of 22,966.

The project consists of:

  • 1st phase of the main waste water sewer that goes across Zepce and in parallel to the river, collecting from the current sewage system and thus preventing that untreated sewage discharges to the river.
  • Taking the collected sewage to the plant
  • Treatment
  • Returning treated water to the river