Authorization, processing and use of personal data included in the résumé

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD), please be advised that the fact of providing any personal data through this website expressly entails accepting and consenting to the processing and use of the same for the purposes stated and under the terms given in the Privacy Policy herein.

The following privacy policy applies to the processing and services provided by Azierta. In the event that any of the services provided by Azierta demands specific requirements or measures regarding personal data protection, it shall be specified in its specific terms.

1.- Data Controller

Azierta is the owner of the database and as such is responsible of the files created from the personal data submitted by candidates.

The registered office of the company responsible of the file is:

CIF: B86319514
Companies Registry of Madrid Sheet M-528.548, tome 29363, folio 60. Registered address at c/Pedro Teixeira, 8 - 6º (Madrid) 28020.

2.- Purpose and scope

The purpose and scope of the processing of the data supplied to Azierta by candidates are:

- Creation and management of the résumés of candidates, as well as the search for employment.
- Management of job offers, both national and international.
- Creation of blind profiles for résumés.
- Communications via email and/or telephone.
- Adding blind profiles to Azierta webpage.
- Adding your résumé to future tenders and contracts Azierta bids for or when so required by Azierta’s clients.

And for such other purposes as Azierta may offer and develop for the candidates as an improvement of the services of the company.

In the event that a candidate does not expressly accept each and every of the terms and purposes of the processing and use of personal data, such candidate may not submit his or her résumé to the website.

3.- Consent of the Candidate

Candidates state that they have read and expressly agree to this Privacy Policy by registering with, and hereby grant their express and unequivocal consent to the processing of their personal data by AZIERTA for the purposes and services and within the scope detailed herein.

Sending a résumé to the Company is voluntary and only résumés of persons of legal age may be submitted. Therefore, the Company considers that the person sending their personal data expressly agrees to the processing of the same by the Company for the purposes as stated. Should someone send the résumé of another person and register their data as the person submitting them, it shall be construed that such person is doing so at the request of the person named in the résumé and that latter person is aware and accepts all the terms and conditions herein.

Candidates expressly authorize the transfer of their personal data to third parties for the purposes envisaged by AZIERTA in this privacy policy so as to enter the recruitment processes in the rest of companies associated to AZIERTA. This transfer is voluntary and the Company shall deem that consent has been tacitly granted upon the submission of such data.

Candidates furthermore consent and authorize the Company to generate blind profiles from their résumé, add blind profiles of their résumé to Azierta’s website and expressly authorize the addition of their résumés in future tenders and contracts Azierta may bid for or when so is required by Azierta’s clients.

When candidates provide AZIERTA personal data from third parties, candidates state that such data are true and that such third parties have been informed that such data will be processed by AZIERTA under the same terms and conditions as the candidate’s and consent has been granted in accordance to this privacy policy.

When you submit your own résumé, you expressly and unequivocally consent to the international transfer of your data, including to countries where the level of data protection is not as stringent as that under the Spanish LOPD currently in force. Such transfer of data shall be done solely for the purposes of completing the recruitment process and /or tendering of a bid by AZIERTA and such data may not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.

A list of the countries where the level of protection of personal data is similar to that of the LOPD is available for consultation at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency for Data Protection).

This authorization shall expire after six months and will be automatically renewed for six-month periods for a maximum of two years unless candidates expressly indicate otherwise pursuant to the contents of paragraph 7. The six-month period shall begin from the day of authorization.

Please be advised that so as to keep data properly updated you may resend your résumé through AZIERTA’s website.

After two years from the date of submission to AZIERTA of your résumé, the data you have provided may be deleted as it may be considered outdated and non-relevant for a recruitment process.

4.- Level of visibility of the candidate’s data

Once registered with AZIERTA’s portal, all candidate’s personal and/or professional data shall be visible for AZIERTA and for the companies associated or related to AZIERTA’s activity.

7.- Exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

Candidates may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December13th, on the protection of personal data by sending a letter to the registered office of AZIERTA, which address is given in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy addressed to the Human Resources Department. Such letter shall include: full name of the person making the request, reference of the registered résumé and photocopy of the ID card or any other proof of identity of the same as well as his or her address for notification purposes, the date and his or her signature.

No other procedure shall be accepted for the exercise of their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition.

Candidates are reminded that initial authorization is for six months and should they cancel their authorization, it shall not apply until the end of such six-month period.

8.- Data security

AZIERTA has implemented such technical and organizational measures as necessary to ensure the security and safety of the personal data processes, as well as to prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processing. In this regard, AZIERTA has implemented the security measures required by ROYAL DECREE 1720/2007, of December 21st, that passes the Implementation Regulations of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th on the protection of personal data.

AZIERTA furthermore undertakes to maintain due secrecy and confidentiality as legally required as Controller of the Database.

AZIERTA undertakes to maintain such data under strict confidentiality and comply with the basic security measures in the Security Measures Regulation.

9.- Responsibility of candidates

Candidates are responsible for any dada provided to AZIERTA and expressly declare that:

- The data (details, images, voice, etc.) they submit to AZIERTA are theirs, and do so under the sole responsibility of candidates and AZIERTA shall be exempted from any responsibility or liability that may result from this submission.
- Any personal data that candidates provide must be true and updated, and the truthfulness of all the information provided in the résumémust be ensured. Candidates shall be solely responsible for any false data or misrepresentation as well as for any damages to AZIERTA or any third party that may result from false or misleading information or information which has been provided to AZIERTA without the necessary clearance.
- No reference to ideology, union membership, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, health status or sexual life shall be provided and should any such reference be included, AZIERTA reserves the right to delete it.
- Candidates are responsible for any contingency that may arise as regards intellectual property, data protection or the right to honor and privacy, resulting from the contents of their personal site.

In the event that AZIERTA – as a result of a breach by a candidate of the duties under the LOPD or its implementation regulation – were subject to administrative sanctions, such candidate shall immediately compensate AZIERTA in the amount of such sanctions when they are effective and well as pay for any expenses incurred upon notification of the same by AZIERTA.

10.- Changes to the privacy policy

AZIERTA reserves the right to change from time to time its Privacy Policy in pursuance of the data protection regulations that apply. Any modification of the same shall be published in AZIERTA’s website and shall be made available to anyone interested.

Candidates shall be notified of any significant change to the privacy policy via their emails so that they may renew their authorization and consent to the processing of data made at the time of registering with AZIERTA’s website.