7 August, 2015

New progress in the high speed infrastructure in the Basque Country

In December the Ministry of Public Works reaffirmed its commitment to connect the Basque Country and Madrid with a high speed rail system as part of a trans-European axis network.
The Secretary General for Infrastructures of the Ministry of Public Works, Manuel Niño pointed out at the monitoring committee that works are progressing at a good pace and underscored the technical difficulties posed by the terrain. No completion date was given, though. The government of the autonomous community expects that the Guipuzcoa branch is ended by late 2016. Emphasis was made on the importance of completing as soon as possible the Bergara-Durango railway junction, which connects the branches from all three provinces, and it was noted that the financing framework is open between both administrations.
On the other hand, an interinstitutional commission has been formed that will lead to the connection of Bilbao area to the high speed rail system. The works conducted on the high speed rail towards the Basque capital since 2006 have been reviewed. In compliance with the current legislation in force, projects will be made public for consultation and environmental assessment again. The commission (made up of representatives of the Ministry of Public Works, the vice-secretary for Transportation of the Basque Government, the DiputaciónForal de Bizkaia and the municipalities of Bilbao and Basauri) will continue working and will convene again in the first semester of 2014.
From the European Commission, the expert on transportation issues, Carlo de Grandis, took the view that trains will connect with France in 2020. Furthermore, speaking of the trans-European transportation network that encompasses the railway lines and the port connections of the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors, the detailed review of which will begin in Brussels from January, he noted that Spain could receive as much as €3,000 million from the European coffers in the next seven years.
Grupo Azierta has been participating in high speed rail projects and works in the Basque Y ever since its inception, with among others a geotechnical study for the project of the Basauri-Bilbao section or the technical services for the control of the works in the following sections: Amorebieta/Etxano – Lemoa and Amorebieta/Etxano - Amorebieta/Etxano.

Photographs. Constructions works of the high speed railway platform in the Lemoa – Amorebieta section