10 August, 2015

Azierta expands its network of offices domestically and internationally

Azierta has opened a new headquarters in central Madrid. These modern, welcoming facilities are located at the heart of the financial district of the capital, NuevosMinisterios-Castellana-Azca, and will allow the company to continue to work and deliver as always with the mission of providing better and closer services to our clients.
With this new office, Azierta has five active offices in the main cities of Spain. Internationally, it is increasing its presence in key markets. As a result, as well as the opening of the office in charge of Eastern Europe in Bosnia Herzegovina, we have also opened a regional office Shanghai to cover the Asian market. These new offices add to the existing ones of a well-established company that is in constant development.
The aim of the group for this year is to “continue growing to become a leader in infrastructure management and consulting services, thus actively contributing to social wellbeing and sustainable development”.