24 August, 2015

Award to the “Best Public Work” for a work supervised by AZIERTA

Every year, the Professional Association of Civil Engineers awards prizes as a recognition to the work of institutions, companies and professionals in a number of categories associated to public works.
On its sixth year, the award on the category of “Best Public Work” was to “Railway Access to the Barajas Airport” of the General Directorate of Railways of the Ministry of Public Works.
The works, the technical services of which in the areas of supervision and control were the responsibility of Azierta in a Joint Venture with GPO, connects Madrid’s international airport with the commuter train network of Madrid. It also connects Terminal 4 with High Speed Trains at Chamartín train station and from there with the main Spanish cities.
The railway line in the project amounted to nearly 9 km. (7 km of which were new track) and had a budget of € 216 million. Work was been executed in 4 depots, two of them newly built: Manoteras and Valdebebas. It also involved the construction of a 4.4 km long tunnel, with complex execution, 2812 m of bored tunnel, 1405 m section between diaphragm walls (with a depth of up to 35 m) and a section of 210 m. between walls.
The company has played a very relevant role in the quality and quantitative control of the construction process, which was of a great technical complexity as works on the infrastructure and the superstructure (installations and track lying) advanced in parallel.