Urbanization of Zones 3 and 5 of Barcelona Airport

“The neuralgic center of an area with an outstanding economic and tourist potential”

The airport is certified for low visibility operations, it has over 150,000 square meters of terminals and over 350,000 square meters of cargo terminals and over 85 aircraft positions. The land to be urbanized is located north of the terminal.

On August 29th 2003, Aena awarded Azierta the technical services for the control and supervision of the works and facilities in Zones 3 and 5, at the Barcelona Airport.

The zone in the urbanization project consists of an area with no specific uses and an area used as employee parking next to highway B-202, vehicle deposit, control center and a former power station bounded by highway B-202 and the Freeway to Castelldefels and developed the 1st Urbanization Stage at the North Cargo Zone and Structuring road which provides connection to the different zones that make up the Airport of Barcelona.

Technical characteristics


Design speed

  • Standard speed in urban areas: 31 MPH
  • Local streets: n/a

Curve radios

  • For s=31 MPH : Rmin=75 m

Easement curves

  • No easement curves that been used in any of the curved alignments of the route.


  • Crest for all roads has been 2%.Camber gradient was been confined to 4% which is the maximum recommended for urban roads.
  • Crest facing stretched for a length of 20 m.


  • Wearing course. 6 cm of bituminous mix
  • Intermediate layer: 8 cm of bituminous mixture
  • Subgrade: 8 cm of bituminous mixture
  • 25 cm of graded aggregate

The type of bituminous mixture used for each layer is as follows:

  • Wearing course. D-12.
  • Intermediate layer. S-20.
  • Subgrade. S-20.