Modernización de la zona regable del Genil - Lora del río

Upgrading project for the Irrigable Area of Genil, Left Bank (Spain)

“The aim is optimization and a better use of water”

The irrigable area on the left bank of Genil, mostly used for growing oranges, consists of two systems (Peñaflor and Ramblilla). The one at Ramblilla takes water up to a reservoir at Lora del Río.

The reservoir at La Ramblilla will increase the availability of water, preserve its quality and rationalize its harmonic, environmentally-friendly use.

The project was written by Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation and seeks to integrate the settling tank in the irrigation system for maximum operability of the system. This way, once it begins to operate, all the water that is lifted will pass through the settling tank and from there thanks to a spillway to the main reservoir and from there directly to the irrigation network.

Azierta contributed to this project with the geotechnical survey of this new hydraulic system that will increase settling capacity, increase the quantity of water stored and improve filtering performance.

Technical characteristics

The project includes a diversion for the filling of the Settling Tank, the purpose of which is to integrate the tank in the irrigation system for maximum operability of the whole system

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