Track renovation and replacement of switches and crossings between Mérida and Villanueva de la Serena. Section: Guareña - Mérida

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“Always updated to improve, adapt and renovate the track routes”

The aim of this project, which includes works on the Villanueva de la Serena – Mérida section, is the correction of the track route, full renovation of the track, working on areas where infrastructure is deficient, removal of level crossings, installation of safety and communication systems, rationalization of stations.

The section under renovation, where Azierta has been responsible for the control and supervision of the works, starts at the entrance of the Guareña Station and ends at the entrance of Mérida Station.

Technical characteristics

  • This is a 28,063 m, non-electrified, single track.
  • The track line is standardized by adapting it to the speeds in keeping with the existing infrastructure.
  • The project includes the full replacement of the tracks, using UIC-54 rails, polyvalent mono-block sleepers PR-90, type- “2” siliceous ballast with 30 cm under the sleeper in route and 15 at the station of Guareña and the train stop of Villagonzalo and type C weldable diversions.
  • At Guareña station (Official Kilometer point E.V. 424+920) the general track branches were replaced by type C diversions, weldable, and siding 2 and 4 will be renovated with the same materials as the main line, the latter being extended up to a usable length of 750 m. Besides, the main and central platforms are refurbished.
  • The siding at Villagonzalo (Official Kilometer point E.V. 432+705) becomes a train stop with the lifting of the rail line and lay-by and the main platform is refurbished.

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