Santa Fe Junction at Highway A-92G, Granada

“Improving transport mobility”

The works will improve the communications and the mobility of transport to Granada as it is the main access together with freeways A-92 between Seville and Granada and the A-44 between Bailén and Motril.

Among other advantages, it will reorganize traffic flows and ameliorate the barrier effect caused by the route of the A-92 on its way across Santa Fe. Azierta provided the technical services for this project which has a budget of €10.6 million and includes the construction a public space on the traffic circle for the leisure and enjoyment of the Santa Fe residents.

Technical characteristics

The underpass is a cut-and-cover tunnel 112 meters long in which a great traffic circle was built.
The project also includes the construction of a weave lane so that vehicles from Santa Fe can access Granada as well as an access from the road to the existing gas station. On the other side of the road, a deceleration lane will be built to access the traffic circle from Granada.

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