sistema de abastecimiento de agua río Banivici

Restoration of the water supply system in the municipality of Banovici

The Spanish Government, through the “Spanish Agency for International Cooperation” (AECI), allocated funds for the execution of the Restoration of the Water Supply System in the municipality of Banovici (Bosnia Herzegovina), a project that was completed in October 31st 2000.

As part of its services (reviewing of the project, providing technical services in the supervision of works and writing of the final documentation of the works), AZIERTA conducted studies and investigations to assess the environmental conditions or establish correction and protective measures, including specialized environmental ones (Hydrology studies, hydrogeology and geological studies, soil surveys, analysis of the quality of surface and underground waters…).

Technical characteristics

  • Water Treatment Plant , Q = 102 l/s
  • 17 spare parts
  • Chemical products for three months operation