Removal of level crossings on the Redondela – Santiago Rail Line

“The removal of level crossings: an essential project for citizens”

The removal of level crossings has currently become a priority in the pursuit of increased safety.

Adif, in keeping with its commitment to remove and improve the safety of level crossings, awarded Azierta the project for the removal of the level crossings on the Redondela – Santiago Rail Line, at the municipality of Valga.

Works have resulted in the removal of the level crossings in the municipality of Valga with the construction of underpasses and overpasses to avoid the Redondela-Santiago railway line.

Technical characteristics

Two underpasses at kilometer points 65+603 (Underpass-1), and 67+157 (Underpass-2). Their type and size are the same: they consist of a caisson 6 m wide and 3.5 m high in its inner section which, if we take into account slab thickness both on the upper and lower section plus the thickness of the track superstructure up to track level, their support is almost 5 m deep from the said track level. As the track is on an embankment the depth of support in respect of the natural ground level will be significantly lower, approximately 3.0-3.5 m.

An overpass at kilometer point 66+565. The structure will be very simple: joists supported by reinforced earth walls with a horizontal clearance of 14 m for the rail track and the link road -1 and a minimum vertical clearance for the rail track of 6 m. The earth structure required will reach maximum heights of 9 m at the stirrups.

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