Removal of Level Crossings on the Madrid –Valencia de Alcántara Line and the Mérida – Los Rosales Line

“Maintaining and improving safety in the conventional railway network”

These works are in keeping with the commitment to improve the safety of railways and they consist in the removal of level crossings, increased protection of the same and public-awareness campaigns.

Azierta designed the projects for the removal of the existing level crossings to prevent accidents. Level crossings are in both rural environments (9 in the provinces of Cáceres, Badajoz and Toledo) and urban environments (in the town of Llerena, Province of Badajoz).

In rural areas the removal of level crossings consisted in the design of overpasses and a rearrangement of the agricultural roads in the area so as to allow transit between both sides of the track.

In urban environments, a mixed solution was applied consisting in separating vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic. A pedestrian footbridge was designed in accordance with national and regional regulations on accessibility while an underpass was constructed for vehicular traffic as the option of an overpass was ruled out because of the lack of available space and the proximity of the residential buildings to the level crossing.

Technical characteristics

Removal works consisted in the construction of overpasses and underpasses for vehicular traffic, overpasses for the transit of livestock and link roads.

  • An underpass 20 m long and reduced clearance (4.5 m).
  • 5 overpasses with an average length of 20 m, 9 m of clear width and 8 meters of clearance with respect to the rail track.
  • A metallic footbridge with an 8 meter clearance and 20 m long with a total of 150 m of access ramps at both ends.
  • 10 Km of rearrangement and renovation of agricultural roads.


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