R-4 Toll Freeway, Madrid-Ocaña

"It represents the greatest step in reducing traffic congestion in Spain”

The 53 km Radial Freeway 4 improves traffic flow and reduces journey time thanks to the technical characteristics of its design, which also means saving fuel and decreasing environmental pollution.

Azierta conducted the technical services in the control and supervision of the construction works of Toll Freeway R-4 that started in 2001 and were not fully completed until early 2010, with a budget of € 311.3 M.

The design of the freeway, with wide bends, results in maximum safety and comfort, improving the performance of the vehicles and reducing fuel consumption.

Environment preservation has been one of the priorities of the R-4 project, which led to a change – while already at the design stage – in the route of the freeway to avoid affecting some areas such as the paleontological remains found in Cerro Batallones.

Technical characteristics

  • R-4 Freeway section between the M-50 and Ocaña (Toledo)
    • Length 52.64 km
    • Shadow toll arrangement, with two toll areas at the start and at the end of the toll section and five side toll areas at the freeway connections.
    • 4 rest areas
    • Route design parameters


Minimum radius 730 m
Maximum slope 5%
Design speed 74.5 miles/h


  • Extension of the M-50 from M-409 up to A-2
    • Shadow toll arrangement
    • Total length of 40.5 km of which 13 Km were upgraded, 21.5 km were newly constructed and the final 6 km integrating an existing section of the M-45. Two more rest areas.