Project for Telefónica “City of Communications”

“The City of Communications. A project for versatile facilities”

The City of Communications is the name used for the headquarters of Grupo Telefónica in Madrid located at Las Tablas.

The project executed by Azierta in these premises focuses on the geotechnical surveying of the plot of land where a number of buildings will be constructed, in order to assess the geotechnical conditions and potential problems of the subsoil and the rest of the characteristics of the same. The complex has a surface of 390,000 square meters.
The data obtained by Azierta were used for the formulation of alternatives to the project, the assessment and selection of options.

Technical characteristics

As well as the geotechnical surveys for the project, field works included the geotechnical monitoring of the construction works by performing mechanical probing and continuous dynamic penetration tests.

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