Pavement maintenance. Province of Cuenca

“Directly improves the safety and comfort of driving”

Achieving enhanced safety and greater comfort while driving can be easily achieved by addressing the characteristics of the pavement surface (skid resistance by looking at the effect of the road surface on wheel adherence and regularity).

The control and supervision services for the maintenance and upgrading of a number of sections of the urban roads and inter-urban highways owned by Spanish Ministry of Public Works in the province of Cuenca (878 km) were provided by Azierta. Works consisted in the structural upgrading of the works, pavement strengthening, improvement of the route layout and quality control.

Functionally, works consisted in the widening of the road and plan and elevation improvements. Furthermore, surface drainage systems (downspouts, embankments, collectors, etc.) were repaired or built while lighting and urbanization works were conducted in roads and junctions.

Technical characteristics

Pavement strengthening on highway N-310. Section: Border of the Province of Albacete -Villanueva de la Jara.


Improvements to the drainage network by replacing the numerous cross drainage systems by others of greater capacity, embankment screed and construction of a drainage ditch at the bottom of cut slopes.


Structural upgrading of the pavement with bituminous mixture, highway N-400. From Kilometer point. 95.000 to 164.000. Section: Tarancón-Horcajada de la Torre-Naharros and Alto de Cabrejas and Highway N-320 from kilometer point 130.600 to 134.00. Section: Junction Arcas-Cuenca.

Highway improvement. Highway N-320. From km 160.690 to 162.680. Section: Sacedoncillo-Villar de Domingo García

Upgrading of highways N-320 and N-III, Kilometer points 69.730 to 73,500 and from 199.550 to 200.630, respectively. Section: Motilla del Palancar.