Passenger Boarding Bridge and Aircraft Ground Handling at the new Barajas Terminal

“Aeronautical technology on the ground”

The works Azierta has contributed to have proved to be an ambitious challenge where innovation and the use of cutting-edge technologies in every field have become indispensable.

The new boarding terminal services 35 million passengers per year, with 10,400 passengers at peak times, while improving the quality of the services provided.

Technical characteristics

The equipment to be installed at all 82 boarding stations both at the Terminal Pier and the Satellite Pier are:

  • Passenger boarding bridges
  • 400 Hz converters with a power of 240 KVA
  • Autonomous air conditioning units for the supply of cool and hot air to aircrafts
  • Low voltage switchboards for handling (CBTH) for powering and controlling the whole electrical system.
  • Docking systems equipped with CCTV for the taxying and parking of planes
  • Automatic reels for 400Hz cables with connector to the aircraft


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