Legalization of discharge sites in AP-71. León (Spain)

“An innovative approach to the management of waste materials”

Azierta provided its administrative and technical services in the processing of the documentation required for the legalization of 5 discharge sites from a variety of facilities along toll freeway AP-71 León – Astorga (AULESA).

Work included the writing of the technical surveys required by the Duero Hydrographic Confederation, as well as other additional services (support for the contracting of the works, selection of teams and supplier, supervision of works).

Technical characteristics

Technical assistance projects include::

  • Preliminary inventory of the current sewage system. On the basis of the documentation available, it is determined whether topographic studies are required or not.
  • Preliminary study of discharges.
  • Measures that must be taken. Consideration of the different options with a view to reducing the cost of the measures to be taken. An analysis is made of every design work required in order to define the characteristics of the equipment/teams required and ancillary works.
  • Technical document to be submitted, consisting of an explanatory report and the blueprints of the current solution and the measures to be taken.

On the other hand, administrative services include:

  • Filling out forms, whether in their simplified version or not.
  • Dealing with the submission of documentation.