High Speed Railway line: Valladolid – Burgos – Vitoria

“Safety improved by the use of cutting-edge technologies”

This transport infrastructure is in itself a major public success. The High Speed Line connecting Valladolid – Burgos – Vitoria, is a continuation of the high speed line between LAV Madrid-Valladolid. It will be an electrified double track with international gauge and once it is operative it will significantly shorten journey time. It has been designed for a maximum speed of 350 km/h.


Azierta was awarded the Consulting and Supervision of two consecutive sections. The total estimated inversion exceeds €3,000 million.


Among the advantages of this new infrastructure is that the new route between Valladolid and Vitoria shortens the line 13.5 km. Besides, safety will be increased by the use of cutting edge technologies in the automated train operation and the fact that there are no level crossings.

Technical characteristics

The two sections of this platform under this contract are the one between Villazopeque-Estépar, which is 11,540 m long and that between Estépar-Variante Ferroviaria de Burgos, which is 11,467 m long. Together, they make a total of 23 km of platform.


The line will have two electrified tracks with international or UIC gauge (1,435 mm), with a line of 60 kg/m suspended from a platform 14 m wide. It was been designed for a top speed of 350 km/h, with maximum slopes of 25 thousandths per meter.


Works include all things associated to civil works infrastructure, i.e. earthworks, tunnels and viaducts as well as telecommunications channeling and crossings, drainage, restoration of services, highways and roads, environmental restoration and enclosure. The platform is ready for the subsequent adding of ballast and the track.


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