High Speed Railway Access to the East. Iniesta-Minglanilla Section

“The High Speed Railway (LAV) connecting Madrid – East Coast (Levante) reduces the route and increases the speed while preserving the safety of its users”

Azierta was in charge of the design of the Construction Project and the Technical Services to the Site Management during the construction stage of the LAV Madrid – Levante.

This contract encompasses the whole civil works with a construction time of 20 months.

The infrastructure built includes all earthworks, construction of embankments, the execution of the prepared subgrade and the sub-ballast layer and the structures for viaducts, crossings, drainage works and wildlife crossings.

Technical characteristics

  • 13.6 Km of newly building platform, including earthworks (cuts and clearings), structures (viaducts) and improvements to crowning layers, prepared subgrade and sub-ballast layer.
  • Total filling volume is of 1,342,000 m3
  • Total volume of clearing excavations 1,492,000 m3.
  • Construction of the following viaducts with a total length of 1,100 m:
    • Encina Viaduct: 460 m long and a max. height of 31 m.
    • Monegrillo Viaduct: 110 m long and max. height of 11 m.
    • Hoz Viaduct: 260 m long and max. height of 20 m.
    • Tollo viaduct: 80 m long and max. height of 11 m .
  • Serranos Viaduct: 200 m long and max height of 12 m. Construction of 5 overpasses (three-span bridges and lengths between 42 and 54 m with max. heights between 10 and 12 m.) and 2 underpasses (caissons of 7×9 and 16 m long), for the replacement of roads and highways.