Extension of Terminal Building. Menorca Airport

“The Extension of the Terminal Building has turned the Airport of Menorca into the main gateway of entry to the island and a landmark infrastructure”

The purpose of the construction project is to solve the congestion of the Terminal Building of the Airport of Menorca where demand goes beyond the capacity of some of its facilities.

As a result of the role played by Azierta in the great extension of the terminal building of the Airport of Menorca, which opened in 2009, with an investment of €87,645,874, it has become a key infrastructure that has gone from a surface area of 33,000 to 57,000 square meters.

Technical characteristics

Formally, the extension project consists in the construction of a building with an aerodynamic shape that reminds of an aircraft wing. Dry and pre-fabricated constructions systems were used whenever possible so that disruption to the normal operations of the airport was minimized.

  • Extension of the terminal: three-story building, rectangular floor-plan measuring approximately 192m long and 62m wide
  • Extension of the check-in hall
  • Construction of a new boarding area
  • Construction of a transition building between the current and the new terminal building to be used as boarding hall
  • Development of the baggage hall.

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