Environmental restoration project at the beaches of Malpica and Ber (Pontedeume). A Coruña (Spain)

“Maintenance and preservation of the maritime- terrestrial environment”

The expropriation of land intends to add the plots to the maritime-terrestrial public domain to minimize a negative environmental impact.

Azierta designed the project by determining the characteristics of the facilities and defining the method and the material resources that are required for the full demolition of the same, paying particular attention to the health and safety measures to be taken during the demolition works and with a view to achieving a full recovery of the natural conditions, reusing as many materials as possible.

Technical characteristics

  1. Demolition of the existing buildings across the whole area and restoring as many materials as possible.
  2. Demolition and removal of the elements that make up the outer urbanization.
  3. Removal of debris and contaminated land from the demolition works away from the terrestrial public domain and reuse of as many materials as possible while the rest will be taken to a recycling plant to be processed.
  4. Environmental restoration of approximately 2,312 m2 where the Hotel and Restaurant at the Ber Beach rose, and the 174 m2 belonging to the plots of land where the Malpica buildings were. Recovery of the landscape prior to the construction of the said buildings, including earth input, etc.

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