Planta de Tratamiento de Tgua Potable en Olovo

Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Olovo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

“Specialists in the treatment of waste waters”

Azierta designed and constructed the drinking water treatment plant consisting in a collection and water supply system based on gravity, thus reducing operation and maintenance costs.

The plant designed collects water from the river Grabovica (201 l/s). Also included in the project is a prospective increase in two further collection points at river Radaba and river Bjelava, with a capacity of 201 l/s each.

Technical characteristics

The treatment procedure will start at the inlet water tank where data are collected for analysis. After the filtering process, water continues and passes through the oxidation tanks, settling tanks and finally, before it is distributed, water is chlorinated to a safe level for consumption. The project also includes the construction of a regulating reservoir with a capacity of 700 m3.The process is controlled by a central computer which checks the values for every quality parameter in the control boards. This system can also make the necessary adjustments in the treatment of water.