Construction and modifications to road accesses on Highway N-120, Lugo (Spain)

“Rearrangement of accesses, removing potentially dangerous crossings”

The objective is functionality, design and integration within an environment of maximum safety.

The scope of the contract awarded to Azierta includes the technical services to the site management in the rearrangement of access roads on Highway N-120, in the province of Lugo.

The project removes the turns to the left and the crossings to the oncoming lane by using the existing underpass and the construction of new ramps and acceleration and deceleration lines in and out of the highway.

Technical characteristics

Works will be performed on five sections between Pobra de Brollón and Figueiredo, and will consist of;

  • A number of overpasses (at Figueiredo and Rairos),
  • An underpass (Novaes),
  • Extension of the underpass under the N-120 at Quiroga
  • Acceleration/deceleration lanes.
  • Execution of a metallic footbridge at Barreiros.


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