Acantilados Benicarló y Vinaroz acceso

Combating erosion at sections of the Benicarló and Vinaroz Cliffs. Castellón (Spain)

“Our priority is the protection of our coastal ecosystems”

Several sections of the cliffs in the municipalities of Benicarló and Vinaroz have erosion problems in their materials. These materials gradually erode the slope leading to a progressive retreat of the coast or the collapse of the upper layers.

It is for this reason that the protection of the coastline at these points has been declared urgent.

Azierta, as the consultancy firm in charge of the feasibility study analyzing the most suitable technical solutions, has written the basic project with the proposal chosen.

Once the alternatives were presented, Azierta defined the works for protecting the breakwater at the bottom of the cliff to prevent erosion and the subsequent retreat resulting from waves. After studying the different options for the works, the option with the greatest assurances is selected.

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