196 apartments, Plot B-7 Sector PP02 Los Molinos. Getafe, Madrid

“A reference in quality, comfort and energy efficiency”

The duties of Azierta under contract consisted in conducting quality control works of the building with 196 apartments, garages, lumber rooms and commercial premises in plot B-7 of Sector PP-02 at Los Molinos in Getafe, including the control of the quality of materials, the service testing of the facilities, reviewing the execution project, reviewing the installation project, reviewing the geotechnical project, inspection visits on site, supervision of construction and installation procedures, as well as conducting environmental studies, noise surveys and providing legal consultancy against potential claims by future residents.

The building subject to quality control supervision will have 196 apartments, garages, lumber rooms and commercial premises with a structure that consists of two basements and six stories.


Technical characteristics

  • Quality control of concrete and its components.
  • Quality control of masonry materials.
  • Geotechnical inspection visits.
  • Works execution inspection visits.
  • Installation execution inspection visits.
  • Supervision of the geotechnical study.
  • Supervision of the structure project.
  • Supervision of the installation project.
  • Metallic carpentry testing.
  • Environmental and noise survey.
  • Consultancy against claims.