Pinar del Rey Station on Line 8 of Madrid Metro

“The linked city”

Pinar del Rey Station is a turning point in the construction of Madrid Metro as it is one of the intermediate stops on existing lines “which entails added technical challenges”.

This new infrastructure has state-of-the-art carriages so that residents of Pinar del Rey and the districts of San Matías and San Fernando can reach the city’s financial center, the Nuevos Ministerios district and Madrid’s Airport in just a few minutes.

The infrastructure is located on Gran Vía de Hortaleza, under Plaza de Francisco Fernández Ordóñez. The new station boasts a very special decoration: a mural entitled “The Linked City” that represents the development and result of the construction of the station.

Technical characteristics

The project has had the following construction phases:

  • Detour of the services affected (Street traffic, drinking water, public lighting, etc.). In this regard, a pipeline of the Canal de Isabel II, with a diameter of 1,200 mm had to be diverted.
  • Execution of continuous perimeter walls and piling (in the access ramp area leading to the Street level at station platform level) and the piling of the central body.
  • Execution of slabs and excavation from roof level and down to levels -1 and -2.
  • Interruption of Metro train circulation for three months between Mar de Cristal and Colombia Stations.
  • Demolition of Line 8 tunnel.
  • Slab execution at level -3 (inverted vault), laying the railroad track and the installation of the catenary.
  • Execution of the ventilation, power supply, communication and electricity systems.
  • Restoring service at Line 8 of Madrid Metro.
  • Execution of vertical faces, architectural elements and remaining finishes.
  • Construction of the street level caisson.


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