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New sewage network in Villaviciosa de Odón. Madrid (Spain)

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“Upgrading of the sanitation network”

The scope of the project includes the definition of the upgrading works for the sanitation network in the zones of Campodón and El Castillo. The section to be upgraded is located in the area of Avenida Viñas-Avenida Castillo-Avenida Viveros, from Calle Zamora to Parque de Prado Redondo.

In order to write the project, Azierta surveyed the current sewage system to analyze its operation and pinpoint the problem areas in the system to devise the most suitable solution.

The scope of the project is 3 Km but its catchment areas are quite large. Therefore, the conclusion from the preliminary hydraulic calculations is that the main problem of the network is that it overloads as the inflow of water is way in excess of its capacity.

Further problems were also identified, including counterslope sections where blockages were a repeated occurrence as well as sections of the sewage system that crossed private property, which prevented a correct maintenance of the same.

Technical characteristics

A main sewer pipe (axis 1) is executed that is connected to a well of the existing network that in turn connects to the Canal de Isabel II’s treatment plant.

This solution required diverting some load as the pipe it is connected to cannot take the new load. This is achieved by resorting to the three existing overflow spillways, the first of which is located at the Gerona-Miravalles traffic circle, the second at the intersection of Avda. Viveros and Avda. Pinos, next to Escuela de Capataces while the third one is next to the final connection well. The latter extends to Cuesta de los Caños where it pours onto the stream.

The project also includes the execution of the connection of the pipe from the pumping stating at Campodón, going from the Gerona-Peñíscola traffic circle, to the main pipe in the project at the spillway in the area of the Gerona-Miravalles-Viñas traffic circle. This pipe corresponds to axis 2.

Trenches were used in Axis 1 except for 160 m – at Avenida Castillo between Avenida Olivares and Avenida Villaviciosa – where jacking was used.

Axis 3 corresponds to the rainwater collector which continues with the separate network of sector X. This axis starts at Calle Zamora, where it goes down Avenida Viñas toward the traffic circle at the intersection with Calle Gerona and pour out onto the stream past spillway 1.