Murcia Container Terminal

“A strategic advantage of uppermost importance in the international market”

The Container Terminal of the Port of Cartagena (Murcia) provides Murcia and its companies with a strategic advantage in the international market as it provides an efficient and economically sound way out for their goods.

Companies can offer their customers their top quality services and connections to any destination in the world.

The improvement in safety standards and in the conditions for the transit of container ships and other vessels requires the construction of slab on Murcia’s container terminal yard. Azierta was in charge of the control of every phase of these works.

Technical characteristics

Excavation of the existing ground until reaching a homogenous layer

Filling in with a granular subbase consisting of bank-run gravel

Construction of a reinforced concrete foundations with a resistance of 250 kg/cm2, 40 cm thick and two electrowelded bar grids, one of them 15X15X6 mm and the other 15X15X10 mm with AEH-500 steel.



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