Minigrids. Photovoltaic solar energy self-generation.

Replacement of grid electricity consumption by Photovoltaic solar energy generation

Economic savings + Application of cutting-edge technology + Combating climate change



We apply PV solar energy for industry and private and public organizations through the management and coordination of activities for their specific need.

We offer our experience providing all the necessary components to achieve the reduction or elimination of the electric bill, providing added value by demonstrating its ecological involvement and its commitment to the application of latest technologies.

Technical characteristics

Our methodology allows the permanent client evaluation  for the progressive development of the project, usually 1-10 MWh PV plants.

We carry out the evaluation of resources and techno-economic feasibility, the identification and application of economic and fiscal incentive structures, the technical-economic-legal development of the project and finally, where appropriate, the Project Management of the execution and implementation of the self-generation solar plant adapted to the specific need of each client.