Light rail to Pinar de Chamartin - Sanchinarro - Las Tablas. Madrid


This is a public transport solution designed for people. It is very popular because it is accessible to commuters. Its runs on street level and it directly connects with conventional metro and commuter trains.

The light rail system was chosen on both technical and economic grounds. A light rail is cheaper and as it is smaller it also allows for more bends in the routes and consequently adapts better to an area such as Las Tablas and Sanchinarro.

Technical characteristics

The Light Rail Line consists of 9 stations and most of its route is underground, servicing the towns of Sanchinarro, Las Tablas, Virgen del Cortijo, Pinar de Chamartín and Isla de Chamartín, and benefiting a total of 40,000 residents.

Because it is a Light Rail Line, its route adapts very well to the layout of the towns and runs very near the most densely populated areas and as close as possible to the surface in the underground sections.

Section 1

Length of the selction 2,531 km
Number of stations 5
Total budget €120.79 million


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