Hospital of Vallecas, Madrid

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“Innovative design in hospital architecture”

The Hospital of Vallecas has a total floor area of 85,066 square meters and has a catchment area of 300,000 inhabitants which will contribute to decongesting Hospital Gregorio Marañón.

Azierta was in charge of the operation tests of the whole of its facilities which has resulted in the completion of the works in record time if we take into account the size of the Hospital.

The project for the Infanta Leonor Hospital is based on a modular system that does not discriminate between areas. This is the key element of the project;undifferentiated spaces. As spaces are undifferentiated, growth by repetition as well as transformation of uses are possible.

Technical characteristics

In verifying the operation of each and every facility, checks have been conducted in accordance with the specific testing protocol written by the Project Management – IDOM, electrical installations (medium and low voltage), air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, hydraulic transport, public address system, voice and data recording systems.

In order to certify the proper operation of the electrical installation the following parameters have been checked: the transformation center, generator sets, general low voltage board, secondary boards, grounding system, UPSs, capacitor bank , insulation panels, lighting and emergency lighting.

As far as the air conditioning is concerned, the following was checked: chillers, pump room and air conditioning equipment, fail coils, heat pumps, and environment parameters.

As to the fire protection installation, the following was verified: pressure sets, water tanks, fire hose cabinet network, network of fire hydrants, centralized fire detection system.

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