Extension of the holding bay and new access to threshold 08 at Tenerife Sur Airport

“Improves aircraft operations”

The putting into service of the extension of the holding bay and the new access to threshold 08 has made it possible that Tenerife Sur Airport has 42 operations per hour on the runway as opposed to the previous rate of 37 operations per hour on that section.

The improvement works on the infrastructures and the new services have had a budget of € 7,735,830.40, and were completed within 10 months.

Azierta was responsible of the full Control and Supervision of the execution of the works in accordance with the Control and Supervision Schedule in the tender.
Works were part of the extension works of Tenerife Sur Airport, which required special attention to traffic detours and the effect of machinery on vehicles going in and out of the airport, with particular attention to cabs.

Technical characteristics

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