Extension of Reina Sofía Museum


The extension of the majestic Reina Sofía Museum will result in new spaces and premises designed by internationally renowned architect Nouvel, namely an impressive library, two unique auditoriums (one seating 500 persons and one seating 200) a coffee shop-restaurant and two new exhibition rooms for temporary exhibitions.

Among the most interactive areas are the terraces whose rooftops do not touch the museum, suggesting a connection between the sky and the earth.

Azierta had the opportunity of participating in the extension works of Reina Sofía Museum as it was responsible of the necessary geotechnical studies where cutting-edge technology was used.



Technical characteristics

Resulting in a total surface area of 84,048 m2, the new spaces mean an increase in respect of the old building of over 60% (51,297 m²). This means that after the extension works, Reina Sofía Museum has increased in over 50 % the surface for the permanent collection.

The extension consists of three buildings that essentially house rooms for temporary exhibitions, auditoriums and a library. These spaces will also have other uses: warehouses for works of art, bookshop, offices, meeting rooms, a protocol room and a coffee shop-restaurant.

These new spaces greatly increase the quality and quantity of the services available at the museum.


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