N-145. Bordar Tunnel, Lérida (Spain)

“The most defining element of the comprehensive highway improvement works”

The Bordar Tunnel, the final section of Highway N-145 between Spain and Andorra crossing La Seu d’Urgell, will be an important improvement for the 14,000 vehicles that travel between the two countries every day.

With an investment of €27 million, Azierta defined the design for the construction of the Bordar tunnel.

These works will improve the flow of traffic on Highway N145, which will also be safer and more comfortable.

Technical characteristics

The mouth of the tunnel (south end) is at kilometer point 1+664.50 and the exit mouth is at kilometer point 2+052.66. The length of the tunnel is therefore 388.16 m.

The mouth of the bored tunnel on the South end is located at kilometer point 1+680.07 and on the north side at kilometer point 2+036.46. Therefore the total length of the bored tunnel is 357.97 m.

The artificial tunnels have lengths of 15.57 m and 16.20 m at their South and North mouths, respectively.

The tunnel, with one lane in each direction has a central partition consisting in a vertical concrete wall in the center of the section.

The tunnel will be bored using excavation and blasting and it will be supported by shotcrete, bolts and trusses, basically.


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